About Mold Inspection

A mold inspection is more than determining the presence of mold.  You already know that mold or mildew is an issue before you call.  The job of the mold inpsector is to determine the cause of the mold problem, the extent of the mold threat, and suggest the best solutions to remove the mold.  This is where the most important decisions are made!

But, making the right choices is not as easy as it sounds.  What is important about the mold inspector is know WHO he is working for.  Is he your adviser, or a sales person for the mold company.  As seen in the video above, a mold inspector is your guide through what can be a mysterious and costly adverture.  If you let someone come to your home for a "Free Mold Inspection", you are going to hear from someone who is being paid to do the "Free Inspection" in order to scare you into a high-priced contract that is often far more than you should pay.

Mold Inspection: $99 in Aurora, Naperville, Sugar Grove, Yorkville, Plano, and Oswego 

Plainfield Mold InspectionOur $99 fee is how we keep things honest.  No one will take hours to travel to your home, do a serious mold inspection, and burn their gas for FREE.  You need to know that they are being paid to convince you to sigh a big contract that pays them a big referral fee.  We charge for our service because we are not an agent for a big mold company, and we do not promote expensive repair contracts.

Like hiring an attorney to protect you against a hostile force, the best value of an independent mold inspector is a professional who has your back.  If there is mold, it needs to be treated and removed.  But, there is always the expensive way to to the job and the "Smart and Affordable" way to remove mold.

Big mold companies have their high-pressure agents.  You should have an Independent Mold Inspector on your Side.  Finally .... someone who has your back.