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Water to Do after a Flood

It doesn't matter how water or flooding enters, the real question is what to do after a flood.  Homeowners in Aurora have flooding from rain storms, plugged drains, failed footer drains, failed sump pump, and broken pipes.  So, the first task is always to stop the water and get rid of the water as fast as possible.  This is were a wet vacuum can be helpful after the bulk of the water is pumped out.

It takes mold about 48-96 hours to start when conditions are wet, so the quicker things are dried out, the less problem there will be with mold and mildew.

Mold Problems in Oswego IL

Oswego Illinois is one of has hills, forests, rivers, creeks .... and its fair share of mold.  It helps to know that mold is part of nature.  Mold and mushrooms feed on cellulous in the wood and leaves.  Over time, mold and mushrooms turn all kinds of wood to pulp and fertile soil.  That is good in nature, but not in your home!

How to Clean Mold in Your Home

Cleaning mold is not as simple as scrubbing with bleach.  Bleach does not penetrate most surfaces, so while the top of the mold is gone, the roots remain.  You will need a product that is EPA registered to kill mold and destroy the roots as well.  But, there are more considerations...

Free Mold Inspection Aurora

Free Mold Inspection PlainfieldIsn't it crazy to think that a trained professional will travel 30-45 minute to your house, spend 30 minutes testing with professional equipment, and then travel to his next appointment ...for free?  In fact, a free mold inspection is never free.  Consider this guy makes 3-4 trips each day for a week.

Mold in Nature or Your Home

Understanding MoldFirst of all, mold is a kind of plant that belongs to the family of fungus.  In this family there are mold, mildew, algae, and mushrooms.  In nature, mold is beneficial because it works on wood, leaves, and organic matter to digest and convert it to rich soil.  But, what is good on the outside is not good inside.

Five Star Rating with HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor Aurora Mold InspectinsAurora Mold Inspection has served the community for more than seven years, and we are glad to be part of the HomeAdvisor project.  Thus far, we have a fantastic Five Star rating, and that doesn't come easily. Along with our other credentials the HomeAdvisor professional status with a Five Star rating means we put our best effort into every job.  

Free Mold Inspection in Aurora

Free Mold Inspection ScamThe question is, "How does a Free Mold Inspection in Aurora" really work?  So, a trained mold inspector is going to go through traffic, spend an hour crawling through nasty crawl spaces and and hot attics, and still manage to pay his bills   ... for FREE.  It defies logic, but it sounds like a deal, right?

Selling a Home in Aurora

Aurora Mold InspectionOne of the all-too-common calls we get is the urgent call after the home inspector finds what seems to be mold in a home for sale.  When selling a home in Aurora, we know that these are often older homes in an area well-know for humidity and aggressive mold.  And, discovering mold in a home for sale is not unusual.  It will often stall or spoil the sale of the home.