Free Mold Inspection in Aurora

Free Mold Inspection ScamThe question is, "How does a Free Mold Inspection in Aurora" really work?  So, a trained mold inspector is going to go through traffic, spend an hour crawling through nasty crawl spaces and and hot attics, and still manage to pay his bills   ... for FREE.  It defies logic, but it sounds like a deal, right?

No, there is no free lunch.  And, there is no such thing as a free mold inspection.  Honest mold inspectors are paid a fee for their time and travel to provide a professional service.  

The free mold inspection may be the most expensive choice you make because, (regardless of his claims) he is a sales rep for a mold removal service who uses the "Free Mold Inspection" ploy to get their sales rep in your home.  The fact is that if there is a mold concern in the home, the time to strick is now.  So, mold remediation firms happily pay $500, $1000 commission fees for every high-priced contract their Free Mold Inspection rep brings back to the office.

Here's the bottom line.  A free mold inspection is done by someone working for the mold removal company.  And, the paid mold inspector is working for you!  This is a subtle, but very important fact.  At Aurora Mold Inspection, we are on your side ... not the high-priced mold removal service.