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Mold Inspection

Free Mold Estimate for Obvious Mold needing a Solution, or
Professional Mold and 
Air Quality Testing for just $99

We offer a free mold inspection and estimate for those who want a fair estimate to treat and remove mold.  We also offer a full inspection with testing equipment to determine the mold threat or the possibility of other air quality problems.  Determining the actual cause problem of a mold or latent toxin requires more than a visual inspection.  There are several causes of health problems.  Our OSHA training, and professional test equipment will help determine the unseen threats in your home.  

Special Inspection Price: $99 in Aurora,
Sugar Grove, Plainfield, Yorkville, Plano, and Oswego 

Our trained and licensed mold inspectors do more than a quick review.  Our inspection determines the source of water intrusion, the extent of mold infection, and the most affordable solution.  We are NOT a salesman for a mold removal company.  We work for you to keep the problem under control and prevent overcharging.  It is a mistake to invite a free mold inspector to do the inspection, he is there to sell you ... not protect you from high-priced services.

When Hiring a Mold Inspector in Aurora IL

A professional mold inspector needs to be independent.  When you hire a mold inspector, his job is to be an informed guide that will assess the mold threat and suggest the best solution.  There is no salesmanship to the job.  The core duty is to help you understand the threat and solve the problem in the most effect way possible.  Because mold remediation can vary greatly (a few hundred to several thousand dollars), the small price paid for a professional mold inspector is the best way to protect yourself from over-priced mold remediation costs.

The public is now aware that mold is not something to ignore.  Homes with children need to be particularly concerned about mold threats.  However, seniors also need to be aware that mold can cause or contribute to respiratory issues, skin problems, and compound recovery from illness.

Beware of scare tactics that come with free inspections.  The cost of sending out an inspector is real, so mold companies pay these for these "Free Inspections" to act as lead generation and to spook people into high-priced repairs that are often not necessarily as costly from reputable mold remediation services.

Our $99 inspection fee means that we are on your side.  We are not tied to a mold service, so we can show most home owners the most affordable solutions to eliminate mold problems.  A Free Mold Inspection may be the most expensive choice you can make to resolve mold problems.  Let us help you solve you mold problems in the most affordable way.

Professional Mold Testing with full Lab Report:  Yes, we can complete a full mold test that includes a comprehensive lab report.  We can determine if any mold found is a meaningless, allergenic, or actually toxic to your family.

Bank Mold Clearance Letter:  If you are selling your home, our successful mold inspection can include a Mold Clearance letter to your bank (and new buyers) that your home is mold free or fully remediated.  Get ahead of the paper chase at the bank by doing your mold inspection early that can spot and solve problems before the bank makes harsh demands to get the property sale funded.

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