Mold Problems in Oswego IL

Oswego Illinois is one of has hills, forests, rivers, creeks .... and its fair share of mold.  It helps to know that mold is part of nature.  Mold and mushrooms feed on cellulous in the wood and leaves.  Over time, mold and mushrooms turn all kinds of wood to pulp and fertile soil.  That is good in nature, but not in your home!

What is good in the forest is bad in your home.  A small mold problem in your Oswego home can be a potential health issue, but it will also eventually destroy the wood it loves to eat.  So, a small mold problem cannot ... and should not, be ignored.  It will never get better, and always gets worse.

Pouring bleach on mold is like painting over rust.  It is a temporary fix because the mold can survive a one-time scalding.  We use an EPA registered product that is biodegradable that leaves no toxic residue.  This amazing treament kills the mold and its root.  And, it leaves a mold inhibiting protectant.

Our team are professionals, trained, and have years of high-quality service.  In addition, we are fair.  The mold industry often uses scare tactics to spook customers to sign excessively-high proced contracts.  We deliver a high-quality of service at reasonable prices.  So, the project may not be cheap; with the MoldAdvisor network, you always get the best service at the best price.

Oswego mold problems may be a little more active in the Fox Valley area because of rivers, creeks, and forests along with the humidity found in these areas.  We are pleased to provide mold inspection and mold remediation in the Oswego area.