Selling a Home in Aurora

Aurora Mold InspectionOne of the all-too-common calls we get is the urgent call after the home inspector finds what seems to be mold in a home for sale.  When selling a home in Aurora, we know that these are often older homes in an area well-know for humidity and aggressive mold.  And, discovering mold in a home for sale is not unusual.  It will often stall or spoil the sale of the home.

Mold is a kind of toxic biohazard, and mold can be a health issue.  More than an eyesore or odd odor, mold pushes out millions of mold spores and produces mycotoxins that can cause very real health issues.  Basically, it is not a good idea to pass off mold as a non-issue.  It is a very real problem, and the next family may have health sensitivities the former owners did not think about.  This can turn into a contentious and litigation problem if the mold problem is not declared and resolved prior to the sale.

Finding mold is not always as simple as a visual inspection.  We use an infrared camera, particle counters, and VOC meters to detemine if there is a hidden and problematic area that might go undetected ... even by the home inspection service.